Pro 60 Series

Pro60 series; offers you superior solutions wich will create a peaceful and safe spaces within the urban life. More Information...

Pro 70 Series

With its 70 mm profile width, excellent air, water, sound and dust insulation, Pro70 series is preferred by the ones requiring superion protection. More Information...

Pro 80 Series

Pro80 series has designed to create modern life area for you, also has maximum noise and temprature chambers at system. More Information...

Pro S Series

Thanks to its rail system ProS series is preferred by the ones who seek a large vision angle, functionality, spaciousness, light and a life in nature. More Information...

Welcome to Proplast A.Ş.

Proplast PVC Yapı Elemanları San. ve Tic A.Ş., a leader in PVC industry perspective and professional thinking in Gebze / Kocaeli plant, which was established in the meed with. State of the art fully automatic machine track, high quality technical team and professional staff with many years of experience, thanks to Proplast A.Ş. sector in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, has become talked about moves of the leading companies of the sector has taken place.

Our company mainly produces products in customer satisfaction, high quality services and gives confidence to his deeds. Door and Window Systems brand of products produced by Prowin, as well as keeping pace with evolving technology renews its range of products with each passing day. On the principle of a professional team and product quality will gain success in the Proplast A.Ş. All sales through dealers located in various districts of Turkey and the country has many.